Friday, 15 May 2015

Food Module: Evaluation

The overall process was definitely a journey in which I have learnt new skills with not only animating but working within a team. I found that I didn't have to make compromises with my team as we were all on the same page with the use of narrative, the style of animation and most importantly, an idea for a final outcome. With having constant feedback from each other we were able to compare research and develop ideas further to ones that were final and would work well for the target audience.

Through this progress I found that time management was a huge problem for me. With the responsive module being so difficult, I didn't have a chance to work on our animation, as well as my other team mates who were in the same boat. Due to this problem we ended up revising the schedule and starting a good month after when we were supposed to. This meant that the animation was produced later and as I was the editor, I had to wait for quite awhile for some of the animation to be completed with line, in which I then had to colour, import to after effects to animate with backgrounds, to then animate in premiere. I then had to add audio and sound effects to the animation as well as slow down some of the animation due to it being too fast for the audio, some of the lip sync was out by quite abit. This became quite a stressful task as it felt that I was suddenly given everything at once and had to edit a day before the deadline. I was gutted as I wanted to be able to create something finished for my group as I have loved working with them.

I did however enjoy the storyboarding process in which I was able to test my skills and adapt them to the target audience.

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