Friday, 15 May 2015

Food Module: Post Production Stage (Premiere and After Effects)

For the editing process, I mainly used After Effects for editing the animations, such as animating the icing in which I used the pen tool to create a mask that I used for a motion path for the hand to follow the icing. This was difficult due to the speed of the animation in which I had to double frames for it and then paste over the animation path. I also used after effects to animate the movement of the backgrounds using offset, which allowed the backgrounds to continuously move as the rest of the animation played on top. I did find After Effects frustrating in that fact that every change I made in the composition had to be ram previewed for it to work properly, however the key frames where a big advantage to animating.

Using Premiere was very easy and allowed me to merge the audio and the videos together as well as slowing everything down. I did find that when rendering out the animations I had to use the Media Encoder as the quality from premiere was at such a low quality when it rendered. Premiere also allowed me to easily listen to the audio and the video together without waiting forever for it to ram preview compared to After Effects.

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