Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Mock up version 2

Having the completed cart and Cake Man designs, Anna put these elements together as to show what the final product would look like. I felt that it worked successfully with all the elements together, however the colour for the background and the characters seemed to clash ever so slightly with how vivid they both were. I felt that by desaturating the background slightly would make the image work with the colours. The other slight problem with the mock up was the height of Johnny, he needed to be taller, to be able to look over the glass however the proportion for the character was correct compared to the height on the Cake Man. We wanted the Cake Man to be quite tall compared to Johnny and making Johnny taller could ruin this image we wanted for the Cake Man. In order to solve this problem we could move the Cake Man closer to the stand or make Johnny taller in general despite wanting the Cake Man to be considerably taller.

Anna's Mock up
I decided to make a quick mock up of Johnny within the Egyptian scene, I felt that the position and height of the character worked well relating to the storyboards, as the scene is a long shot focusing on Johnny and the backer that needed to be added. The colours of the background and the character worked well together as it made Johnny stand out well against the sandy shades of the wall and floor.
Overall I think these different elements will work together successfully and be aesthetically pleasing within the final animation.

Egyptian Scene Mock up

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