Sunday, 10 May 2015

Food Module: Dope Sheet for Cake Stand Man

For the dope sheets I had to alter the way to create them by using the seconds on the audio file rather than the frames with in the animation duration and the scenes that the dialogue would be situated in. The reason for changing this method was due to the editing of the animation sequences and animatic that had been completed so far, I found that I had to make some of the audio begin at an earlier stage of the scene so that it would suit the animation made so far, I think this was due to my judgement when putting the animatic together, I didn't take into account that some scenes may be a second longer than they were originally going to be. (In order to create the dope sheets, I planned them using the seconds on the original audio file, this way if the audio has to be moved to be played slightly before or after the original placement, the animation will still work with the audio.)

Creating the dope sheets was difficult at first as the reference I used, Preston Blair's phoneme sheet didn't work as well as I had hoped with some of the shapes, I found that a few of the mouth shapes needed to be altered to suit the accent that the voice actor used. In order to accommodate these changes I noted that a few of the shapes needed to be slightly wider or a merge between two to work successfully.

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