Sunday, 10 May 2015

Food Module: Rough Crit

For the rough crit, we made a presentation, that consisted of the final backgrounds and the final character outfits for Johnny, as well showing the shortened rough animatic that I had cut down to 2 minutes. We also showed a mock up of the cart and characters along with the background so that the peers would gain an insight into what the finished animation quality will look like. The feedback we gained from this was extremely positive and helpful through how Johnny needed to be taller and the Cake Stand needed to have some form of shading on it so that it did not look like a cardboard cut out. I agreed with this feedback however I debated about adding shade to the cart as we wanted the style of the cart to match the character designs, adding shade to the cart might look out of place compared to the backgrounds and characters.

With the height of Johnny, we and the peers debated how tall Johnny would need to be compared to the cart and to the Cake Man. In the storyboards I had drawn the cart differently purely because the cart had not been designed at that stage, so I drew a generic stand that would be a place holder and show how tall Johnny would be compared to the cart. However as the cart Anna had designed was lower, it was difficult placing Johnny correctly in the mock up. We all agreed that Johnny needed to be at least half a head taller to work with his age and the placement of the cart. 

One of Anna's Outfits for Johnny - shown at final crit 

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