Saturday, 9 May 2015

Food Module: Children of the Holocaust

Fettle animation are a Huddersfield based animation company that have produced a new series of short animations,suitable for young audiences, Children of the Holocaust. The team worked with the Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association, and a broadcast journalist Liz Molyneux, to record interviews for the episodic animations. I felt that these episodes worked successfully with the primary audience that were their main focus, 13-14 year olds. This use of educational material works well, as the emotional impact from the interview will be easily remembered through the visual imagery use within the animation, especially for the younger band of the target audience who find it hard to concentrate on these forms of subject matters. I found that even though these episodes were aimed at a younger audience, the information and facts of what happened during the Holocaust was not 'dumbed' down.

The animation works successfully with the dark and educational theme as well as being suitable for the target audience. The interview audio works well for the narration of the episodes, the storyline for the animation sequences work well and are aesthetically pleasing with the 2D animation. The use of each short showing a different perspective of the Holocaust from different countries and cultures work well as the audience learn the hardships and how much this difficult time effected different people.

Children of the Holocaust Trailer from Fettle Animation on Vimeo.


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