Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Anna's Character Designs - Cake Man

Anna's character designs for the Cake Man work well with the aesthetics of the overall theme of the animation. The height and proportions of the figure help to enhance the quirky personality that we wanted to get across to the audience. These elements are heightened with the use of the shape of the face with the square chin which works with the stereotypical american sales man that we wanted to show through the voice and the looks. We felt that this type of character would work successfully with the overall aesthetics of the animation as it gave the animation personality and gave a light hearted humour to the narrative.

The colour scheme of the character contrasts well against the colour scheme for Johnny through the complimentary colours of the hair which is enhanced more through the height differences. The use of the characters height being considerably taller than Johnny works well with the quirky aesthetic that we wanted for the character, especially through how his body language will be portrayed when animated. I also really liked the colour scheme of the characters clothing through how well the shade of the green and purple worked.

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