Sunday, 10 May 2015

Food Module: Final Crit

For the final crit I added the finished animation on top of the animatic, so that the audience would have an understanding of what the final animation would look like as well as watch the rest of the narrative play out with the use of the animatic. I felt that this worked well as the finished animation was joined with rough line animation which also showed the progress and development of the animation so far. On top of which I added the final voice acting in time with the rough lip sync and actions in the animatic, this worked well as it enhanced the gags and the visuals with emphasising the characteristics of each of the characters. I also added placement title cards with their own soundtrack which Rebecca researched into different tracks for me to choose for the crit. We wanted this track to sound different to the main soundtrack as to make it standout and be quirky.

Feedback from the Crit:

+ The turn at the beginning of the animation, that shows Johnny looking up and behind his shoulder before it cuts to the tree, needs to be cut out or just changed to him looking up as it is confusing - I personally believe that cutting out this animation would work more successfully as it would transition more smoothly to the next action and give more time for the Cake Man to climb out of the tree.

The walk cycle needs a shadow on the ground.

+ Consider the use of adding shadow to the characters, it gives it that much more depth and it makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

+ The walk cycle past the stand needs to be quickened as it takes to long to happen - I think this will work well with it being cut as there will be more time for important scenes later on in the animation. 

+ The entrance for the huge sponge rolling after Johnny is confusing, consider adding the Cake Man as the cause for the sponge to roll after him rather than it appearing from nowhere. Feel like you're missing a gag here - Originally we all wanted the sponge to appear from nowhere to appeal to the silliness of cartoons, however I do agree with the feedback as I believe that this will work well and add extra gags to the animation. For instance the Cake Man could be leaning on the finished cake from the industrial revolution and then push it slightly so that it chases Johnny.

Add sound effects - there are so many places with opportunities to add sound effects which will enhance the gag. For the sound effects I researched through the Hanna Barbera Sound Library Discs and have chosen a few which could work for some of the actions, however I still need to narrow this down and ensure that Rebecca and Anna like the sound effects as well. 

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