Sunday, 10 May 2015

Food Module: Title Card Research

For the title card we researched into old and new popular cartoons, to gain a wider range of ideas with the styles of the title cards. We wanted to use something that would work well with the theme of cake and work with the overall theme/humour. Originally I felt that a traditional type of title card, something with a script like font and shading on the characters.

With the Adventure Time titles I found that they held a traditional appeal through the tactile appearance to the shading, but with a twist through the structure and content of the image. The title cards held more characters and backgrounds, giving more depth to the image compared to title cards such as Danny Phantom and Fairly Odd Parents. I felt that the Adventure Time title cards would work well through the use of how simple but aesthetically pleasing the designs were attracting older audiences as well as the primary audience. The Danny Phantom title cards work well with the horror theme that the narrative holds and works with the main target audience that the show is aimed at. I quite liked the old 1950's form of horror image with the poses and the use of colour. The Fairly Odd Parents title cards differ through how the use of the structure is simple with the use of hardly any imagery at times as to fit with the target audience. It was interesting to see this comparison as they were made by the same studio.

Over the Garden Wall title cards focuses on the black letter font suiting the overall theme of the Victorian stylised cartoon. As much as I liked the title card with how simple the format was, this form of title card would not work with our audience for the animation. The visuals for the title card need to be bright and have some imagery on the title card that would appeal to the viewer. Teen Titans Go title cards incorporated the use of a simple font with the characters sat on the sofa. I felt that this worked well as the title scene was always the beginning of the episodes, and was a nice link with the following episodes. 

Title Card Mood board

Example of shading

Example of shading

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