Saturday, 9 May 2015

Food Module: Finding a voice actor for Cake Man and consideration of the soundtrack

For our animation we were struggling to find a suitable voice actor that had that american salesman appeal to his voice, and it was becoming less and less likely that we would find someone, to the extent that we may have had to have reconsidered the voice for the Cake Man character. For example a 1920's British accent, it would still be quirky, suiting the characters personality but not the ideal voice that we all agreed upon for the character.

Amazingly, Rebecca found a voice actor, James Wood, who sent an audio sample of his take on the Cake Man. His voice suited the character well, depicting the american salesman accent that we all wanted for the character. However his audio sample wasn't as energetic and full of emotion that we wanted for the Cake Man, especially for the puns and gags which were too monotone for the scene. Rebecca asked for another version with the full script and edits that we wanted for the audio, as well as his take on Johnny's character and the Ice Cream Man.

For the soundtrack we wanted something fun and light hearted that would work with the visuals and theme of cake. Rebecca found a few samples of audio, which worked but were lacking in something vital that was needed to add that extra something to the animation. Rebecca then played 'Willy Nilly' from the animation Ren and Stimpy, and it was perfect. It worked so well with the animation that we decided to use this for the final soundtrack, until we could find someone to make soundtrack for us. Researching into the music from Ren and Stimpy, we found that we would avoid copyright issues as the majority of the production music was made publie domain. However we would only avoid copyright issues as long as it was used for non-profit purposes.

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