Monday, 4 May 2015

Food Module: Storyboard Content - Problems with Cooking Methods

I found a few problems when drawing the storyboard with a few methods of cooking that the eras have for baking. The most problematic era was the Egyptian period through the process of the bakers crawling into the oven to place the bread or cake into the oven, in which people would have to hold onto their legs to stop them from falling into the oven and being burnt by the fire. This method was not suitable for the target audience that we had chosen, if the overall theme was something much like the CBBC program, Horrible Histories, this method would have worked well as the script writers would have been able to portray this in a comedic manner. However as our main narrative was light hearted with a different theme of humor compared to Horrible Histories, the method of placing the dough into the oven needed to changed to one that would be more appropriate.

Horrible Histories
I researched more into the era and started to panic as I couldn't find any other cooking utensil that would not alter the background that Rebecca had drawn. After talking to Rebecca and looking through the research that she had found to inform her background designs, I found that there was a utensil much like a pizza peel that was used in the Egyptian Era. The information that I had originally researched was in the early ancient Egyptian era which was why I could only find the method of the baker climbing into the oven. I was relieved that there was a safer and more practical method for using the ovens in this scene as I did not want to add something that was not historically correct. Not only would it not work with the theme of the origin of cake, but also with the fact that the animation was a documentary and the content had to be factual.

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