Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Food Module: Anna's Character designs - Johnny

Anna's character designs started with simple lines that took inspiration from popular cartoon network and nickelodeon animations, which worked well with the target audience that we wanted to create the final outcome towards.  I really liked the facial details as the use of the glasses and the cute small eyes worked successfully. The use of the glasses can be suggested to show intelligence, and can further relate to our animation through this character discovering knowledge on the origin of cake.

The colour scheme works successfully as it works with the theme of cake and desserts as a whole, with room for a similar colour scheme for new characters if the narrative was continued into more episodic animations. I liked how well the tones of the blue hair and pink sleeves contrasted against each other but worked aesthetically together; it reminded me of icing from a doughnut or cupcake.

The age of the character needed to reflect the main young audience that we wanted to aim the animation narrative with, especially with the colours and content of the animation. Having the character being male made the animation suitable for a male audience, normally cartoons that are themed around cake or cooking, only have a primary target market for the female audience. We wanted the character to be suitable for both genders to enjoy, and hopefully show that food is fun within moderation and that either gender can learn to cook; The stereotypical branding of only females being the cook for the family was not what we wanted the animation to hold, we wanted the animation to show that anyone can cook, not just girls.

Overall I personally found Anna's character to work well with the audience and to be iconic through the colour scheme and the appearance of his hair and glasses, which I found essentially made the character. The expression sheets work well with the character as it still held his iconic qualities and were enhance through the use of squash and stretch within the face shape.

Johnny's turnaround sheet

Johnny's expression sheet

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