Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Title Card (Making the cupcake)

For the title cards, we wanted them to link through the use of the cupcake, the opening card being a full perfect cupcake, to then the ending title card with one that had been half eaten with crumbs around it. This touch brings something new to the design, and making it more interesting for the viewer to watch as well with the ending credits. To make the cupcake I used the colour scheme from Johnny's character design as I felt it would be a nice link to the main character of the animation. With this use of colour scheme, if another cupcake was needed, I could use the colour scheme from the Cake Man to further link the characters with the designs.

To make the cupcake I used Photoshop purely for how easy and simple it is to draw lineart and colour the design with. I could have used Illustrator, however the style would be very vector based meaning it could possibly not work with the rest of the aesthetics within the animation. I mainly struggled with the design of the sprinkles, it took awhile of changing the shapes from narrow rectangular shapes to circular ones, however with feedback from my group and other peers, I finally found a solution to the sprinkles with both the shape and the colour. The colour became shades of the blue icing leading up to white, and depicted as round sprinkles. I felt that this worked well as it wasn't too subtle or too loud against the icing and helped to enhance the aesthetics.

The half eaten cupcake took me awhile to design, I found it difficult with trying to judge how the icing would react, whether it would slide down or simply stay in the same place, only sloping down with the teeth marks. Through feedback from my group we came to the conclusion that the icing would have collapsed and sloped down with longer marks of teeth within it. I used the different shades on the icing to make the teeth marks stand out against the main structure on the icing, and with the added shading on the sponge beneath it, it gave depth to the design. For the shadow I used a more saturated and slightly darker shade of the hues so that it would work with the rest of the title card, as well as make the cupcake stand out more.

I felt that the design had to have a cherry on top to complete the design, it was something that was small but helped to make the cupcake standout more with the red hues. 

Using transparency lock to colour the lineart

Example of different sprinkles

Half eaten for the end title card with final sprinkles


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