Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Working in a Group

Working within a group towards creating a final 2 minute animation has been very interesting and a lot of fun through how skilled and dedicated everyone was towards the same goal. The communication between us was constant, in which we used mainly Facebook to communicate over. We created a group on Facebook so that it was easier to share files and screenshots of work in progress, this way each of us were able to gain instant feedback and improve our work from there. The only problem with Facebook was the fact that we were not able to share bigger files, such as the psd files that Rebecca had made for the animations. In order to ensure that each of the group were able to receive the files, we shared these over Dropbox. Dropbox was very easy to use and for multiple files we were able to download them as a zip file, the only problem was that we couldn't upload too much as we were only allowed a certain amount of space; there was still a substantial amount of room compared to Facebook.

To present our work to the public, Rebecca made a Tumblr page to showcase our development work as well as the finished designs. I really liked this idea of being able to see how the final design came to be, I felt that it worked well with showing the public the journey of the design. We also used this page to show each other gifs of animation or edits, due to Facebook not being able to upload gifs, as they would become a still image. To be able to see Rebecca's working process it was more efficient to see her animation so far in gifs so that we could give instant feedback, if Rebecca had made each of these tests into videos it would have taken longer for the animation to render, upload and then wait for our feedback.

Anna also made a Behance group to showcase our work within a portfolio standard; Behance is used as a site where people can view professional online portfolios/projects that artists are working on. I felt that we should only upload final designs to this group, due to it being a portfolio site, which may mean that this group won't have a lot of work till near the end of the module.

For research, we all made individual boards to inform our personal parts of the project on Pinterest and then included everyone to add anything they would find whilst researching for themselves. This form of research really helped our progress, having different ideas and takes on the research from other members helped to inform varying designs and perspectives on work. 


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