Thursday, 28 January 2016

Extended Briefing

OUAN603 - Extended Practice
Deadline 6/5/2016 2PM

This brief is all about what I want to do. I need to demonstrate a synthesis of theoretical and practical work. 


+ Who are you working for? Target audience? How will this aid your portfolio? Contact studios? Create a collaboration?

+ Needs to be an agreed body of work with tutors. You need confidence that you can make this! 

+ A 60 credit module, effectively half a years worth of work. 33% worth of your overall grading. 

+ Identify your area of practice. For example, creating character designs for someone elses project, storyboards, animation, clean up etc...
+ Can do whatever you would like but within reason, experiment, make it count!

+ You need to make an overall rationale. Basically an outline of your work, maximum 500 word count. You will refine this to make into a Statement of Intent. 

+ Your Statement of Intent will cover:
   - What your briefs are
   - Who your audience is
   - What you will be producing

+  For example, a five minute animation, a portfolio of concept art/ storyboards, puppets/set design, a portfolio of short animations/stings.

+ You will present your Statement of Intent to your peers. 

+ You will then make a Research and Development Portfolio. This will be collected on your blog,  all previs development (prototyping), research into theories or approaches to your practice (this is not mandatory but would be a good link to your COP3 practical). 

+ Realisation and Presentation 
   - You will be required to draw a line under research and begin production.
   - You will submit your research, not for marking, just as a "you need to go into Production."

Make sure you relate back to your previous Statement of Intent, if you do change your initial intentions, tell tutors, blog why... it is more interesting and shows critical analysis. 

+ Make sure what you make hits your statement of intent. 

+ FINAL CRITIQUE!!!!!!! About your module.

+ 1000 word critical evaluation. 

+ Brief notes on learning outcomes
   - 6A3: Understand and demonstrate coherent and detailed subject knowledge. Go to meetings, talk to professionals etc, demonstrate theory...
   - 6B3: Articulate your research, how research informs skills and your practice. How will this help you, how has this influenced you etc...
   - 6C3: Presentation skills - YOU MUST ATTENDED ALL! YOU ARE MARKED ON THIS!
   - 6C4: Demonstrate that you can make this! Make it to a high level!
   - 6D3: Analysis! Independent judgments, reasoning etc... evaluations. 

+ If you work with anyone make sure it is in your statement of intent. 


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