Monday, 11 May 2015

Food Module: Considering shadow for the colouring of the animation (characters)

After the feedback from the final crit, I experimented with the shading on the character as well as adding shadow to the ground. I purposefully added a minimal amount of shading on the character so that this addition didn't take over the character, subtly giving it some depth. I felt this worked successfully with the background and made the character aesthetically pleasing however the design seemed to sink into the background compared to the original non shaded design. I did add a tint to the characters hair which worked well with the shading, however it still didn't make the character stand out as much as the original.

When researching into character designs, Anna purposefully made designs so that they would suit cartoon network/nickelodeon content, and the majority of programs never shaded the characters unless it was to give a bigger impact on the scene/gag. Some of the cartoons however do add tints to the hair or accessories depending on the character design. I felt that the shading would work successfully if we were making an animation that was aimed at an older audience, however for the audience that we wanted to aim for the use of no shade suited the target market.

For the shading on the ground I felt that this worked successfully however I think I still need to experiment with the shade of the colour as with other cartoons the shadow is normally a solid block of colour rather than semi transparent. I made the shadow transparent as to work with the cobbled path, which does work with the aesthetics however I didn't think it worked as well with the colouring of the character.

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Danny Phantom

The Powerpuff Girls

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