Monday, 11 May 2015

Food Module: Johnny and Ice Cream Stand Man Dope Sheets

With the dope sheets for Johnny and the Ice Cream Stand Man, I used the same process as the Cake Man dope sheets, ensuring that I used the audio file for reference for the lip sync rather than the animation/animatic so far; due to the arrangement of the animatic with the additions and the exclusion of scenes. Feedback from my previous dope sheet for the Cake Man stated that parts of the dope sheet were a second out, which I believe could be due to the audio file I had used, as there were two versions. I ensured that I noted down which file I was using as reference for the next dope sheets; hopefully this has solved the problem of the dope sheet being a second out in some places.

Creating Johnny's dope sheet was only difficult with the scream that he makes as he first sees the cake rolling after him. It was difficult to find the right shapes that would go with the accent of the scream, as the scream gradually and unsteadily wavered in parts, which worked fantastically for the character; more of a believable scream as you can hear the disbelief in his voice before screaming as he runs away. I was able to solve this problem by using the extended phonemes as a reference for the shape and note how wider or narrower the shape needed to be.

The Ice Cream Stand Man's dope sheet was quite easy to complete through the experience I had learned from the character and narrative module as well as the dope sheets I created for the Cake Man. Using these skills I was able to easily figure the accent and the change of mouth shapes to suit the dialogue. For example with his pronunciation of 'history', I had to use other phoneme shapes to work when translated into animation.

Ice Cream Stand Man Dope Sheet

Johnny's Dope Sheet

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