Saturday, 9 May 2015

Food Module: Final voice recording for Cake Man

After gaining the final voice recording from James Wood for the Cake Man, we found that his voice worked perfectly for his character. His voice matched the american sales man accent that we wanted and the quirkiness/emotion was added to the puns and gags. James also recorded his version of Johnny and the Ice Cream Man. His take on Johnny worked really well, he added a higher pitch and less american accent to his tone and it matched the character successfully. Before hearing his Johnny recording I wasn't sure if his voice would work, as I was worrying that his scream in the run scene would relate to the Cake Man's accent, as well as James being able to perform a higher pitch for the young character. However his voice worked perfectly with his recording for the Cake Man. This saved us a lot of time, as we still needed to find a voice actor for Johnny, in which Rebecca didn't mind being the voice actor for. The Ice Cream Man recording worked successfully as well as it was a slightly higher pitch than the Cake Man, which we wanted to be able to hear the accent of the Cake Man as to link the characters together; We wanted to leave the audience with the impression that the Ice Cream Man and the Cake Man were the same person.

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