Saturday, 2 May 2015

Food Module: Group research presentations notes

Ratatouille, Disney Pixar Studios, 2007 - inspiration for representation of food, merging colours and shapes as the rat tastes food. Relates to the 1st year module in which we created visuals for sounds, using colour, shapes and line - this experience that I have gained would be useful if I were to make a test or my own adaptation from this inspiration. The use of the colour and shapes would attract a younger audience, this would work well if the main target audience for the project is this age range. Would work well as an episodic type short that followed a children's program.

One Human Family, 2014 - - group commissioned the animation for the Food For All campaign. I found this animation quite emotional through the movements and the appearance of the characters. Each movement was desperate, it showed the level of starvation that they were going through, I felt that the layout, with the distance of the food and the people worked well with the message that the company wanted to portray, the fact that food is scarce, and with what little food there is it is shared or stolen. I also found that message was enhanced with the appearance of the characters, at first I thought it was stop motion however I soon realised it was 3D animation, most likely made with Maya. - Look into the hate waste website, shows the public how much food is thrown out when the food isn't even rotten, it is still edible - could be a good theme for the documentary - - Think about opportunities as could submit the animation we make to animation competitions such as the RSA  daily diet brief - could be a good motivation and make us get our work out there.

Man, 2012 - shows how man destroys earth with the amount people consume, sell and waste - used flash, after effects, cg. I quite liked the animation for the message it wanted to portray to the audience, the extremely stylised appearance of the man worked well as he continued to walk through the animation. The use of the black and white, greyscale environment made the atmosphere deepen with how dismal the actions are, against the coloured backdrop. I felt that the main appeal for this animation was the audio used. It made the animation that much more shocking to the audience, especially with the added humor at the end. I found this form of documentary quite appealing through how there didn't need to be any written or spoken information, the visuals were enough to inform the audience.

MAN from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.

Back to the start, 2011 - commercial,
Another documentary that doesn't need any written or spoken information to relay the message to the audience. I really liked the use of the animation technique, stop motion, it made the appearance aesthetically pleasing. The use of the cute animals and characters made the advertisement quite emotional through how the audience see the process of the pigs being processed into meat that is sent to supermarkets. I felt that the way that the animation was directed with not showing the gruesome parts to the pigs being process worked well as it meant that this advert can be shown to children. I think that best part of this animation is the ending in which the farmer realises that he can change and do something good, showing the main message behind the animation successfully. A huge aid for the animation is the audio, the song that is played along with the visuals help to set the tone and atmosphere of the animation well.

Charity Water - water changes everything - it all starts with water
This documentary is in the form of a motion graphic through the use of the kinetic text and simple layout. I felt that the simple layout worked well as it portrayed the message well and the information was easy to follow. The main aid for this animation was the narration, the emotion that was put into her voice aided the visuals well and pulled at the heart strings. The use of the colour linked nicely with the theme of water, and worked with the general aesthetics. I quite liked how the animation showed the journey of the girl going to collect the water, in which the audience see what is actually in the water. The use of showing how the donations that the audience give could effect the girls life worked well, as it depicted how much the audience could do. I found that this form of documentary would work well for all audiences and could be a possibility depending on the theme of food that I wanted to go with.

Advice who is your audience? - targeting a specific audience?
Advice who could you help? - Pay as you feel cafe in leeds, consider contacting local charities or communities - make something that promotes them - post online etc - think global, act local

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