Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Title Card Development

After creating the cupcake, which will be the main focus of the design apart from the text, I began to add the font of the title along with the background and border. I wanted to keep to the colour scheme of the cupcake running through the title card, being either a lighter or darker shade for the background colour. I felt that adding the icing border I made for the group presentations would work well as it gave it that fun appeal to the border compared to a scroll style which I felt wouldn't work as successfully with the target audience that we wanted the animation to appeal towards. The first three designs of the colour scheme did not work well, the pinks either faded to much into the background or stood out to much to the point that it felt as if it was in your face. I also felt that the top of the title card with the banner and the 'CLAPRW presents' did not work well either as it made the design look squashed and quite confined within the space. I required the style of fonts from DaFont, a fantastic site that designers upload fonts that they have created in which the public can download and use for non-profit purposes. I font a lovely bubble font which I ended up using for the entire title, as I mixed it with another font for the 'History of' part to the title and I didn't like how different it looked together.

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