Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Rebecca's Backgrounds - Cake stand backgrounds

Rebecca's final background for the cake stand scene worked successfully as the painted style worked aesthetically with the character designs. The backgrounds helped to make the characters stand out to the audience as well as adding to the overall theme of the animation. It suits the target audience with the colour scheme and the shapes that she has used for the trees and stones in the cobbled path. The use of the cobbled path and trees remind me of a park which was the main background that we wanted for the beginning scene. The position of the tree works well as in the beginning sequence of the animation the Cake Man falls out of the tree and into the roof of the stand. The shapes of the trees remind me of the backgrounds from the cartoon, Powerpuff Girls, through how the distinct shapes of the background define the overall style of the animation, and the trees take round appears with added solid lines to show branches.

The way the background has been structured with the layout works well through how we will be able to offset the design on After Effects when putting all the completed elements together for the final outcome. However there could be a potential problem with the half tree on the left of the composition as this might not blend well into the right side of the image when it is set to offset. The best way to fix this if there is a problem, would be to move the tree further into the design and show all of the tree, or the delete the tree from the composition. 

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