Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Storyboard Inspiration - Seung Eun Kim

I found Kim's work to very influential with how he visually tells a story within this storyboards. I love the sequential imagery that absorbs the dynamic perspectives of the action, the change of the angle to portray the character to be vulnerable or powerful. I found that this storyboards he made for the cartoon, Young Justice, to be very inspiring through how he draws the follow through of each action with a range of different shots that works successfully with each character. I loved the aesthetics of the shading and line, both were clear and the use of the characters being colour coded worked well with defining each character for the animators. The tiny arrows that are added to the individual frames work successfully with showing the animator the direction of the movement and the action of the camera, without the use of annotations. I loved the close up of the characters faces through the angles and perspectives that Kim uses to enhance the emotion and atmosphere of the scene. In one of the frames an extreme close up shot of a character is shown looking over her shoulder, it made the character appear calculating and calm, considering the plan of action, following this action in the next frames.

I really liked the frames that involve the movement of the camera as it follows the action of the character. For example in one of the sequences it shows a roll that one of the characters performs to avoid a swing from the other character. This roll is shown overlapping the following two frames which I felt worked well with showing the camera movement. I took inspiration from this and absorbed it into my own storyboards, I wanted to show the Cake Man showing different cakes appear on the screen, whilst the camera pans from his left to the right, I felt that this technique would work well in these frames. 

Young Justice

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