Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Food Module: Revised Animatic

Before completing my finalised storyboards, I had to cut down the rough animatic to about 2 minutes as to fit with the main deliverable for the module, but also for reference for animation and for the voice actor.

I also edited the rough dialogue that Rebecca had made for the interim crit that I added to the animatic originally. The ending scene of the animatic was the main area that I cut the dialogue, for example the panting for Johnny after running away from the sponge took too much of the duration, round about 7 seconds which is a lot time especially when we come round to animating the scene I cut it down to 1 second. And the other main part part being the description of different cakes that the Cake Man squeals as he dances and prances around Johnny. I found it difficult to cut this as I thought this part of the dialogue worked well with the characters quirkiness and I liked how the names for different cakes were used. Cutting this part out however worked well for the dialogue as it ran smoothly to the next part in which Johnny walks away to the ice cream stand.

After cutting a few more little parts of long pauses that could be cut in half, I managed to reduce the duration of the animatic from 2 minutes and 40 seconds, to 2 minutes and 5 seconds. I tried to cut out another 5 seconds to hit the 2 minute mark, however the pauses that were left needed to be their for the transition of the scenes and rests for the voice acting.

Overall I felt that the cuts worked well with the rough animatic, even though the cuts were not always a smooth transition, it worked for a rough guide for the voice actor.

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