Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Final opening title card and credits title card

The final title cards work well as they merge nicely together with the use of the cupcake as well as the background and font. The font is legible for the audience and works with the theme of cake and the light hearted tone that we wanted for the animation.

The credits worked well with the kerning and the leading of the font as well as the spacing between the role and the name. I wanted the names to be in the same general area of the space so that the text didn't look as if it was jumping around, using the guidelines on photoshop I was able to ensure that this didn't become a problem. The only thing I struggled with was the placement of the title on the opening card, I had quite a few variations of where the text could be placed however each of these didn't work with the background texture due to the pink of the background. If the text was too much to the left the pink took over the composition and made it difficult to read that part of the title. Therefore leaving the text within the white space of the image with only a slight overlap of the text worked the most successfully.

The audio for the title cards was another track from Cyril Watters who created the main soundtrack we have used for the animation. The use of this soundtrack for just the title cards which helped to not only differentiate from the animation but also enhance the quirky and cartoon style that we wanted for the overall appeal.  To make the audio fade in and out, I used the key frames on Premiere to alter the levels of the audio track.

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