Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Anna's Designs - Carts

Anna's final cart design works really well with the style of the characters, The use of the additional wheel and the leg stand help to bring character to the stand, making it look different and intriguing, something that holds a modern twist on a traditional wooden cart. The use of the tall purple cake stands works with the Cake Man character through how quirky and tall they are, they almost seem to resemble the Cake Man's appearance. The roof of the cart works with the rest of the composition through the colour and lines, it also helps to bring depth to the cart through the added shadow at the bottom of the design. I quite like how the purple flows through the cart design and the Cake Man as it enhances his personality more, making him more mysterious and quirky.
The carts body with the cake stands works successfully with Johnny's height and with the storyboards through how he peers through the glass and looks over the cakes as he doubles back to the stand. The added illustrations of the desserts on the side boards of the carts work well as the audience can immediately tell what the cake stand sells without being told by the narration or with an additional sign. 

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