Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Food Module: Rebecca's Backgrounds - Through the ages

Rebecca's backgrounds are aesthetically pleasing with the use of colour that enhances the era that it takes influence from, it helps to set the atmosphere well and works with the characters that are based in the frame. I really liked the link through the placement of the ovens which are consistent and help to make the transition of the frame run smoothly when the backgrounds change from one and other. This link was enhanced with the use of the angle of the room and horizon line being kept at the exact place, helping the perspective of each design to work well with the following background. The use of the painted backgrounds help to give it that tactile appearance, giving it depth and character.

My favourite background is the Industrial Revolution design which works incredibly well together with the sepia tones, the use of the lights and the distant background. 
I loved the element of the window in the scene as it reveals and enhances the architecture of the era. It helped to give the audience some context within the scene and enhance the atmosphere of the piece, working successfully with the character designs.

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