Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Poster Layout

For the main poster design I quickly sketched 6 designs that could work well with advertising our animation, so that Anna would be able to take the layouts and develop/refine into the final poster. I began with incorporating screenshots from the animation but slightly changing the design by zooming in or adding the cart in front of the screenshot. I felt that the idea of using the cart to add the title of the animation would work well especially with the use of the cakes in the foreground which would work well with the theme. However the only problem that could arise from this design is how much the audience would be able to see Johnny. Due to the cake stands on the counter of the cart, Johnny's face would be hidden slightly, which could make it difficult to see the expression of the character. The next layout design would work quite well through the Looney Tunes aesthetic of floating heads of the main characters and would appeal to the young target audience that we want the animation to be aimed towards. I felt that the background of the poster could be the background used in the title cards to link the animation with the poster.

I immediately fell in love with the following two designs, through how they both connect to each other, with a simple and aesthetically pleasing structure. I also felt having a poster for both of the characters would not only appeal to the target audience but work with in a professional manner in which most films played at cinema have posters that single out characters to advertise the film.

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