Thursday, 14 May 2015

Food Module: Title Card Development Continued (Textures)

I can safely say that I detest making textures. I just physically cannot use different photoshop brushes to create textured backgrounds. I think this is mainly due to how I only own the original default brushes on photoshop, and I needed to find different styles of brushes that held a traditional media approach to the stroke to be able to create a texture that works successfully. I had quite a few attempts but they looked like a child had made them, so I asked Rebecca for her to quickly make one for the background. She created a really nice textured background which worked really well with the composition, it helped to make the font and the cupcake stand out with the use of the white space. I also deleted the banner at the top of the frame which helped to make the design look less cluttered. I left the banner at the bottom of the design as gave something for the cupcake to be resting on rather than it seeming to float in the image, this also allowed me to shadow to give more depth to the cupcake. To make the banner merge even more with the background I used the blending mode multiply, which allowed the banner to absorb the texture, giving it a tactile approach. The placement of the text within the new textured background works well as it slightly overlaps into the blue with the white making it stand out to the viewer.

Feedback from my team suggested that the pink textured background with the blue text was the most successful and will translate well with the opening title card, with the imagery and amount of text.

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