Thursday, 2 April 2015

Qwertee: Final Verdict

Designing for this brief was very helpful in responding to peer feedback though comments and votes that my t-shirt designs were given. Through these votes I was able to develop and refine my work to try and suit what the audience liked with the designs. Interestingly the most detailed design that I submitted gained the least votes and the design with lack of detail gained the most votes. I felt that not only the style of the silhouette designs was popular with the audience but also the theme in which the design was made with. The most popular design that I created was the Kiki's Delivery Service design, gaining 588 votes. The design was art in response of one of Hayao Miyazakis' films within Studio Ghibli, which after some research with past designs are one of the most popular themes within the sites history of t-shirts. I felt that this factor was one of the main reasons for the amount of votes that the design obtained which is why I felt that I needed to create another design in the same silhouette style but in a different theme. This was successful as the design got 318 votes which is still a high amount of people who liked the t-shirt design.

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