Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: The new pitchboards

I created the new pitch boards using the same layout that Alex used for the previous pitch boards, adding a title to each of the pages. I included a beginning page describing the idea and outcomes that we had made for the submission, I felt that this was necessary as the viewer needed to be able to understand the general theme and idea of the work to be able to hold any interest in the idea being pitched to them. I then went on to adding more pages that involved character designs, backgrounds and the storyboards. The pages for the storyboards were hard to cut down with the description of the boards. I wanted to keep each board with hardly any text, only what would be needed to tell the audience why these were the final designs, etc. For the storyboards I needed to include what was happening in each frame which I found incredibly hard to cut down. In order to solve this problem I wrote down everything that I would have described for each of the page and then crossed out any lines that described too much or was not needed so that the paragraph was to the point. I found that this helped me alot with ensuring that the text was direct to the point and did not clutter the page.

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