Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: The edited character designs

I revisted the character designs, changed the colouring and outfits due to the flavour and the scene that the gnome character would be situated in. The colour of the packet for the lightly sea salted was a light blue which I sourced from the photography pack that came with the brief on the YCN website. After changing the colour of the beards and adding slight crosshatch to the helmets I felt that the design worked well and would appeal to the target audience. I added crosshatch to the design as to match with the illustration on the product packaging with the intricate lineart. For the clothing of the characters there needed to be three variations to suit the job roles that the gnomes would have: the farmer gnome would need dungarees and a flat cap to be recognized as a farmer, the lab gnome would need a lab coat and clip board to suit the scene with ensuring that the popcorn is cooked properly, and lastly the worker gnome which would be adding the flavour by hand next to the popcorn, this gnome needed overalls and a hard hat helmet to ensure safety and to suit his rule. I felt that these character designs worked well with the jobs that they had been given in the scenes for the new narrative. The colour scheme included muted tones which helped the character suit the target audience even more than it did in the previous concept designs.

Alex's feedback was very positive, liking the colour scheme and outfits that I had designed for the characters. I asked her about the overall appearance of the animation, as we wanted to begin to suit the animation to work alongside with the product packaging with the style of the illustrations. We felt that only a few things should be coloured such as the characters, cart and popcorn, in which we wanted the popcorn to be photography of the product to make it stand out to the viewer.

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