Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Animation Workshop: Developing sketches

I continued sketching the possible head designs but with a more refined approach with considering the clothing and the hair as well as the proportion. Whilst I was drawing I wanted to draw a younger character as I normally find myself drawing characters that are in their late teens or 20's as in my opinion they are easier to draw then any other age range when it comes to proportion. Drawing a character with a younger age was difficult at first however after drawing a warm up page of possible character designs I began to feel more comfortable with drawing the proportions. The warm up sketches were interesting through how I tried to give each of the characters a personality through the clothing and the body language that they had. I found that I preferred the right design through the proportion and the clothing that I had drawn as it showed the nerdy quiet personality successfully. This was shown through the large jumper and glasses that the character wore along with the style of hair, it reminded me of the character Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory with the use of the hair and glasses.

From the warm up sketches I drew two quick character sheets, one female and one male. For the female design I took inspiration from Gravity falls through the shapes of the body, and from Lilo and Stitch with the style of the clothing and proportions. I enjoyed drawing this character through the shape of the face and the hair, I liked the flick of hair that I added as I felt that it added to the personality of the character so far. The use of the simple and rounded face shape worked well as it softened the rest of the features and translated well with the 3/4 and profile angles of the character. Drawing the full body of the character did not work as successfully as I had initially hoped through how the proportions were not as different as I would normally draw, I need to incorporate shorter or elongated proportions to make the character style look different.
Warm up designs

Possible character sheet 1
I then began drawing another character ensuring to consider the shape of the face and features as well as the body proportions. I took inspiration from Anna Cattish's work as well as Hewlett's designs with the shapes and style of the facial features. I enjoyed designing this character through the use of the spiky hair and the cheshire grin that I had given the character. I felt that the full body stance that I had given the character did not work with the faces that I had drawn next to it so I decided to continue the full body stance adding more exaggerated proportions. I felt that these designs work through the use of the elongated legs and the square crotch along with the big boots that I had given the character. I felt that the use of the arms being longer than the torso and crotch worked successful. To improve the design I decided that I would extend the torso slightly as the torso was too short for the design would cause problems later on with the active poses that I would have to create later on in the project.

Possible character sheet 2

Turnaround character sheet 

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