Saturday, 11 April 2015

Animation Workshop: The brief

I decided to stop drawing for the Loop De Loop competition, as I stumbled across another competition that suited me more with the skill sets that I wanted to improve. The competition I had found was from the Animation Portfolio Workshop, where the brief set was asking for character designs, including 4 views of a standing pose, 3 active poses and 4 facial expressions. The only problem with this brief is that I would not be able to enter the competition due to not being a Canadian Citizen. I was quite disappointed that I wouldn't be able to enter however I knew that the brief would aid me in developing my skills so I wanted to add to the brief by creating character sheets of possible clothing and adding more active poses. Even though I will not be continuing with the Loop De Loop competition I still found the work that I had created so far enjoyable through creating ideas for the theme of faces, having masks represent these faces etc. A change that I would be adding to the brief is drawing digitally for the final outcomes, in order to improve my skills I wanted to create something that I would be able to add to my portfolio, and I find that my traditional skills are more refined compared to my digital skills. I felt that this brief would be fantastic to be able to develop and refine my skills digitally with both drawing the lineart and adding colour to the compositions.

For this brief I wanted to challenge myself by drawing in a different style compared to the normal style that I use. I found that I normally revert to drawing in a manga/anime style with the body proportions and the facial features, so I wanted to draw in a more western style, changing the proportions to be more exaggerated than I would normally be comfortable with. I felt that drawing in a different style will help me to improve my skills and develop my own style further.

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