Thursday, 9 April 2015

Food Module: The Pitch and Peer Feedback

The Pitch went smoothly with all three of us talking about the work that we had done for the project and adding to points that another had said so that the peers would gain a better understanding of the theme and work that we had created. I felt that the theme and target audience were explained well with the added imagery of the character designs and animation tests. The feedback was extremely positive to the extent that our tutor said he would buy it. This positive feedback gave us alot of confidence with the work that we had achieved together so far and will have achieved. The only piece of constructive feedback that we were given related to the initial background concepts that Rebecca had painted in Photoshop. With the painted style of the background the peers were unsure whether the characters and these elements would work well together. To solve this possible problem I wanted to make a mock up of the scene with the characters in the background to see how well this would work.

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