Monday, 20 April 2015

Webtoon: Final design

For the final composition I added a few extra gradients to the robot design to make it stand out from the panel as well as adding the lighting to the robots eyes and chest. I felt that this worked well as it gave a threatening appeal to the robot matched with the daunting size comparison to the character on the building situated next to the robot. I also changed the colour of the background to a darker shade that did not match with the middleground as originally the background was a slightly darker hue to the middleground and it was difficult to differentiate this elements. In order to solve this I duplicated the background layer and changed the hue using the hue/saturation panel to a navy colour before using the overlay blending mode to merge these elements together. I felt that this worked well as it made the background brighter and gave a blue tint to the background that merged well with the pale shades of grey and brown that were already in the background.

Overall I really enjoyed this brief, not only did I learn techniques and skills whilst working on this piece, I was given the opportunity to draw a comic page in which I have never really had the chance to do so before this brief. Unfortunately I had given myself too much work to complete for this brief as I wasn't able to complete the dialogue page. I didn't realise the amount of time that would be needed to go into this double spread. The amount of planning, research and character design as well as designing the final composition took over double the amount of time I had given myself to complete it. I will definitely be carrying on creating comics and hopefully have the opportunity in the near future to sell a completed comic at a convention much like Thought Bubble or Majikkon. 

Final Composition

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