Thursday, 9 April 2015

Propercorn - Visual Research

Before beginning any major pre production work , I first researched into the packaging and illustrations from different artists and other media. Researching into the packaging helped me to understand the illustrative style that they would want with in an ident, one that would relate to the packaging and the flavour. It was interesting looking into the window and outdoor displays in which they involved the audience, making the display look much like the illustrations in the packaging. One of the main inspirations we found were from product adverts such as the Ben & Jerrys ice cream ident which involved the packaging containing a world that animated characters interacted with and related to the flavour. We were quite inspired by this idea and wanted to develop this further for a possible idea for our final outcome. With this idea we wanted characters that were different to be shown with in this concept, the character first started with a small fairy like creature, to gnomes. I felt that the idea of gnomes was interesting and one that I hadn't really seen in most adverts.

Whilst gathering this research I organised the imagery within a board on the site Pinterest. Using Pinterest for my research allowed me to easily view what research Alex had collected, making it easier for me to understand her idea generation which allowed me to develop this further or gather more material.

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