Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: The background designs and revising the final outcome

Unfortunately with the task that we had set ourselves with making a such a long animation, which had intentionally been an ident at 10-15 seconds, we had to revise what we would be able to make for the submission deadline. After much debate we agreed to make an animation sample with the rest of the animation being depicted through an animatic. We both wanted the narrative that we had created so far to be submitted as we loved the idea and felt it would work well with the target audience through how different it is. Having this animation sample gave Alex the opportunity to focus on one part of the narrative and animate this to the best of her ability. We also decided that the animation sample should show the room in which the flavour is added to the popcorn as that is one of the most important scenes in showing how the popcorn is made and what flavour it would be aimed at.

For the backgrounds I focused on the ending scene with the flavour taking into account the sea like room it would be situated in. I added shells hanging from the ceiling that Alex would later add water falling from the shells and mixing into the sea. I could visualise the water being different shades and mixing together giving that quirky edge to the imagery. I felt that the general aesthetic of the composition referred to the packaging well with the lines and cut out appeal I had added to the edges of the walls and shells; I did not add this to the tracks or the stand that the gnome would be standing on in the next background image as I felt that it would not work successfully making the overall design look cluttered. I purposely made the tracks weave slightly into the water as to show the audience the perspective and distance of the tracks as well as make it level for the stand. For the next background design I zoomed into the stand that the gnome would be mainly working on and which the cart would pull up to for the salt to be lightly sprinkled over the top.

 After gaining Alex's feedback on the backgrounds her only constructive criticism was that the water was too dark, in which she lightened when she began to animate.  The second background image includes a mock up of the cart and photography of the popcorn which we both believe worked really well with the aesthetic of the animation so far. The last background I created was for the exit leading to where the carts would be emptied into the product packaging. I included the company name and slogan on a sign above the exit with two pointing hands that I made on photoshop with the idea that these would be lights and would blink between each other as the popcorn carts disappear into the exit. I felt that this composition worked well as it included the company name and worked with the illustrations from the packets.


Close up


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