Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Kingdom Hearts: Adding mock t-shirt to website

After I had added the shadow to the composition I began to create the mock up t-shirt for the submission. With in the cover for the t-shirt I wanted to make the shadow standout from the background, I achieved this by using the gradient tool to highlight the area in which the shadow was placed. As the main character, Sora was quite bright, the use of white and other bright tones made the design automatically stand out to the viewer. Choosing the t-shirt colours for the design was quite difficult as the majority of the colours in the silhouette did not work well with the t-shirt colours. However through peer feedback I was able to choose two coloured t-shirts that would work for the design, one being a dark tone and the other quite vivid. Personally I felt that the darker shade would be more successful than the other due to the recent t-shirts that had been for sale on the Qwertee website all involved either black, charcoal grey or navy. I also felt that it's an easier colour to match with other clothing compared to the blue.

For the thumbnail I used the lighter blue shade from the background on the cover design to fill the space around the composition. I also slightly rotated and moved the character off the design so that both the character and the shadow could be seen clearly.

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