Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Food Module: Animatic and Audio

To be able to determine the length of the animation and the points for the audio I used the rough thumbnails I had created as a basis for the narrative and general idea for the team, to create an animatic. I used After Effects to import the scans from my thumbnail storyboards and merge them together as a sequence on the timeline. Using After Effects made it easier to consider the duration of the frame with the movements that I had made for the characters, I find it easier to draw some of the movements of the character in sequential frames to help me to consider the time that the action would take whilst I quickly sketch the narrative. I realised that a lot of the frames overlapped and I was able to delete a few of the frames as the action within that frame could easily be explained with the following.  I also found that a few of the scenes, such as the running sequence would be difficult to transfer to animation through the 3/4 run that I had drawn. I used the audio as a basis for the imagery to follow the sample that Rebecca had quickly made for the animatic. This was extremely helpful as I was able to get a generalised idea for the timing and actions, especially with the emotion through the voice in the audio sample that gave me more inspiration for the actions I could edit in a refined storyboard later on.

The only problem I encountered through this process was the fact that the audio sample was 2 minutes and 40 seconds long, which worked successfully for the animatic but would not work with the final outcome. At a maximum the final animation had to be 2 minutes meaning we had to cut down 40 seconds of the narrative. I found that the audio could be cut with the run scene and the cake space continuum through the panting of Johnny after sprinting away from the cake which lasted almost 10 seconds, it worked with the comedy but as we needed to cut down the length I felt that this was a good place to start. Overall I felt that the animatic was successful as it showed the audience the rough timing and main narrative of the story, portraying the characters personalities, the comedy and the target audience.

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