Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Animation Workshop: Active poses - Photoshop development to final lineart designs

After scanning the sketches of the active poses into photoshop I used the scanned image as a reference before using the pen and brush tool to design the final pose. I found that the majority of the poses had short legs compared to the proportions that I had originally given the character, so I immediately elongated the legs to work with the rest of the proportions. For the dance pose I found it difficult to draw the hands as I needed to make them simple to work with the design, but I still needed to show the knuckles for the hand to work with the rest of the compositions. I found that the design that I changed the most was one of the running poses with the character running towards the right, looking over his shoulder. I found that the reference contained small body proportions compared to the proportions that the character needed, along with the torso being too short for the legs. I also didn't like how small the head was as the features felt like they were squished, the head needed too be widened. 

Example of  using the reference with the lineart. 

Example of using reference with the lineart 2

The final designs for the active poses worked well as each related to the theme of the poses through the movement, with feedback from peers the use of the movement worked as it showed the proportions well and you could tell that it was the same character. I found that I enjoyed designing the walking pose the most through trying to show as much movement with the design as I could. It was a challenge but I felt that both of the walking poses show movement as they are continuing to walk towards the left of the page. I felt that the use of colour would enhance the lineart by making the character come to life with the pattern and shading that would be added.

Final dancing lineart

Final jumping lineart

Final running lineart

Final walking lineart

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