Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: Moving the carts in after effects and importing to edit in photoshop

Whilst Alex was animating the gnomes movement I helped with the movement of the carts using After Effects to the animate the position of the image. Using the transform keys such as the position and rotate keys helped to move the cart from one side of the the frame to another and to move the design in the wheel. Setting the key points was quite simple as I only needed to keyframe one of the wheels before duplicating the keys into the other wheel properties. However doing this sometimes moved the layer in a different place on the frame, I was able to solve this problem by using the anchor point keyframes to move the layer back into its original placement. Another problem I encountered was that the rotation of the wheel would reveal parts of the background. In order to solve this problem I imported the mov file to photoshop, making it into a video layer and coloured in the gaps of the wheel. This was time consuming but it was the only quickest and easiest solution that I could think of, I did find that I could make it even easier for myself by only saving the cart on the mov file and not the background. I found that I couldn't separate the background from the cart so I had to use the clone tool to edit the video layer after I had coloured the wheel and removed some of the colour that had escaped the wheel as it rotated. I also discovered that I could render a transparent background with the movement of the cart in After Effects. In order to render this transparent background in the render settings, changing the channels to RGB + Alpha. This made it easier to paint in the colour of the wheels, adding the background in photoshop in a separate layer.

Using After effects
Using Photoshop

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