Saturday, 4 April 2015

Outcast Odyssey: Photoshop Designs - Design 2 and 3

For the second character design, I used the same basis for the figure as the first design, changing the appearance of the facial features and angle of the shoulders that I broadened slightly. For this design I wanted to experiment with the addition of  hats/goggles which I found to be a huge inspiration in the steam punk themes. I first started with a Victorian flat cap in which I added braces and a fragment of armor on his hip. I quite liked the idea of the slight addition of armor but I did not like the cap through how it was not as successful with the rest of the design. I took this further changing the hat and the clothing on the torso to suit the armor on the side of his hip. The use of the pilots hat worked well with the addition of the goggles however the use of the bandanna like scarf was not as successful through how it made the neck look too thick and his jaw line quite small. I then added another piece of armor on the characters right shoulder which worked well with less armor on the hip. I preferred the armor on the shoulder than the hip as it worked with the clothing on the torso with connecting to the braces; It looked as if it had more of a purpose than the other piece of armor. I found that the use of the goggles and the flat cap worked well compared to the pilots cap as I was able to take the hair into consideration with how it would react with the shape of the hat whereas the previous hat covered the majority of the hair.

Design 2
 The third design relied more on the Victorian esk fashion in which steam punk clothing takes inspiration from, with the use of corsets and waistcoats. I started with a very simple design of a plain shirt and waistcoat until I developed it further with the use of additional belts and fragments of armor incorporated into the waistcoat and placed on the shoulder. I quite enjoyed designing this sheet through how I had made it more Victorian stylised which allowed me to use the neck scarf and waistcoat to my advantage with the steam punk theme. I felt that the design worked with the warrior theme as it not only included the use of armor but the themes of steam punk through the general appearance. I did find that a few of the clothing changes did not work with the theme and the overall appearance. For example the use of three quarter shorts did not work well as it made it seem like it was aimed at a younger generation through how the main protagonists wear these, such as Digimon. I took inspiration from cowboy clothing with the trousers in the last few designs through the use of chaps, which I though worked well through how it merged well with the multiple buckles and belts.

Design 3

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