Thursday, 2 April 2015

Outcast Odyssey - Initial designs

To begin the designing process, I first sketched some possible designs in my sketchbook before transferring the process to digital media. I wanted the final outcome to be in a digital format so that the design would look clean and professional; I also wanted to use this brief to develop my skills with Photoshop. At first I was undecided about which theme to continue with for the brief, I was stuck between Warrior and Witch, both interesting and fun designs to create through the poses and clothing that they would obtain. After drawing two characters in the theme of the Steam punk Witch, I felt that I would be too stereotypical with the design through the use of corsets and capes, whereas with the Warrior I felt I would be able to create something different and innovative. The designs that I had created for the warrior so far looked quite plain however I quite liked the idea of a mask for the Warrior, using parts of goggles and gears to make up the surface of the mask. The main proportions I had used for the characters need to be edited as the arms and legs do not work with the torso. I can solve this problem by editing the design in photoshop using the ruler and guidelines with reference to ensure the proportion works with the style.



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