Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Outcast Odyssey: Final Design Sheets

After completing the final detail and addition of colour, I incorporated the designs onto A3 sheets with a layout including the game logo. I wanted the layout to be simple as to not detract from the content of the page. I made a few changes to the individual design sheets mainly adding greyscale shading to the clothing. I felt that this was needed to make the designs stand out to the viewer, before the lineart was interesting but had a flat appearance making the audience skim through the design sheets; The addition of the shading gives more depth to the imagery with an idea of a possible colour scheme in later designs. With the colour designs I merged a few of the previous clothing ideas, adding extra detail to enhance the steam punk theme. I felt that the addition of the patterns and badges worked well as it made the design interesting and hold more depth to the themes in the character designs. Overall I really enjoyed designing these characters for the Outcast Odyssey specifications, creating these characters in a certain theme was challenging but it helped me to develop my skills through both lineart and colouring. 

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