Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Animation Workshop: The final designs

I really enjoyed the Animation Portfolio Workshop brief, I was able to challenge myself with creating a character with proportions that I wasn't sure I'd be able to draw correctly however I have created a character that is recognisable through the proportions and the style of the facial features. I found that creating the expressions and the standing poses difficult at first through making sure that each of the designs would relate to the character and be the same in proportion and line. The most difficult of these was the 3/4 stance through how I had to ensure that this pose would work inbetween the face on and profile pose. After a few tries of sketching the perspective I was able to create the 3/4 pose which I felt worked quite well with the rest of the stances. The use of the pattern to depict the material of the jumper helped to not only enhance the aesthetic but bring personality to the character, I felt that using the diamond like pattern merged well with the fabric pattern giving a tactile appearance to the composition. For the final designs I ensured that each of the compositions were on 8.5 inches by 11 inches pages for the correct submission layout for the brief. I ensured that the four stances were set in the correct orientation, the profile facing left and the 3/4 facing right.

Four Stances

Four Expressions

Active pose 1

Active pose 2

Active pose 3

Active pose 4

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