Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: Pitchboards

For peer assessment we created our pitch boards focusing on the initial pre-production work that we had created so far, with the narrative being clearly described to the audience. Alex created the pitch boards with a good quality finish that incorporated the logo, making it look professional. I created storyboards for the pitch however I didn't allow myself enough time to design them as well as I would have liked. I believe this is due to my time management with the other modules, I felt that I had organised my time efficiently with the other modules, I just did not give myself enough time to create the work; I ended up spending longer on creating the boards then I had originally anticipated. Due to this the peers did find it hard to follow the narrative but they understood the main message towards the work that we wanted to create. The feedback was overall very positive and gave both myself and Alex ideas on the character design and editing the narrative to ensure that it would suit the target audience. We asked the peers questions about the character design with the use of the coloured beards, and the feedback was mixed, some liked the idea of coloured beard and the others felt that the use of the coloured beards made it seem as if it was suited for a younger audience. I agreed with the use of colour targeting a younger audience so we decided to only show colour through the clothing of the characters, keeping the beard grey.

The narrative itself was one that the peers were not sure about, they liked the idea of a gnome as they felt that it was quirky but needed muted tones to make it suit the target market; however with the gnome character, the peers did believe that it would help to widen the target market more. The use of the narrative being kept underground in a mine wasn't popular with the peers through how it could be seen as dismal and not as fun as we intentionally thought. The world that we had created needed to have one skies, possibly showing the corn in the fields before it becomes popcorn. I quite liked this idea and felt that we would be able to make interesting and different scenes for the popcorn to made into the final flavour.

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