Friday, 10 April 2015

Propercorn: The Final Outcomes and Submission

The final outcomes were successful as not only did they suit the target audience but it worked with the company with the way their popcorn is made, with how popcorn is done properly. I felt that this was enhanced through the inclusion of the photography of the popcorn as well as the animation of the lightly sea salted flavouring which was emphasised with the animation of the switch and the movement of the sieve. The quirkiness of the animation worked with the aesthetic especially with the animated water which made it that much more appealing to the audience. The movement of the water was animated well and was enhanced with the audio that we recorded for the post production. The addition of the animatic helped the audience to understand the world of popcorn that we had created, the overall different and quirky style to how popcorn is made, from the corn fields to the packaging. With the addition of the pitch boards the final outcomes were coherent with development work and our descriptions of why we wanted the outcome to have that aesthetic; to refer to the product packaging. 

When submitting the final outcomes I ensured that the folder was labeled correctly including our names and brief before turning it into a zip file. Compressing the file in a zip file ensured that the content would not exceed the 2GB maximum file size, as the rendered animation was quite large due to the render settings. Uploading the zip file to WeTransfer was very easy and simple compared to how difficult I thought it would have been, it took awhile for the file to be uploaded but we were notified by email when the file had been sent to YCN. After adding the link to the submission page we submitted our work to YCN. Overall I really enjoyed this collaborative project, it was interesting with the different skill sets and ideas that helped to design the final idea and how our feedback helped each other to refine our work. More importantly I found that it made me more organised and time efficient as I was able to focus on the pre production stage which is the part that I enjoy the most. 

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