Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Food Module: Mock up

One of the pieces of feedback from the pitch mentioned the contrast of the painted background to the style of the characters. Using the background from the background concepts that Rebecca had created, I quickly added the cart and characters that Anna had designed to create a mock up. I wanted to see how well these elements would work together with the background being painted compared to the matte appearance of the characters. I felt that these elements worked well together however the trees in the background needed more contrast, slightly darker greens. Even though the style of the characters and the background are different, the shapes used in the background makes this contrast work well. If the shapes had been more realistic than I do not think the background would have worked as well as it does in the mock up. The only problem I found with the mock up is the height of the cart and the characters. Initially we wanted the cake stand man to be extremely tall, however seeing this in the mock up, it would be hard to show this in the scene without having an extreme long shot to the point that it would not be that appealing to our target audience. 

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