Saturday, 31 January 2015

Webtoon - Visual Research

To gain inspiration for the aesthetic and structure of the comic panels that I will be making for the Webtoon brief, I looked into different comic arts such as Emily Carroll and Mike Mignola for influence. Carroll's work incorporates the panels to mix and merge with another with traditional printed textures to the quality of the work, making it tactile and aesthetically pleasing to the audience. I found her work inspiring through not only the layout of her comic pages but through the use of the dialogue that seeps into the other panels. I found inspiration in Mignolas work through the use of the matte bright colours to desaturated tones with a harsh black ink shade to the line art, which works well with the character designs, that range from humans to supernatural beings. Other examples of comics mainly inspired me through the detail and colour used with in the panels; some ranged from using extremely desaturated hues that emphasised the environment and tone of the dialogue, to bright and colourful panels with thick variation of line.

I was quite inspired by the comic Sandman Overture in which the panels became part of the character, the character would be placed on top of the panels, and the way the panels would contort into different shapes. I found that the comic pages were visually stunning as the panels itself were part of the art rather than something to situate the comic panels in. 

Visual moodboard
Sandman Overture

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