Saturday, 24 January 2015

Kingdom hearts considering layout

Matched with the initial designs that I had created for the Kingdom hearts composition for Qwertee, I started to consider the layout in which the main focus of the design could be situated in. I considered the main details that are related to the game series apart from the obvious main square enix and disney characters. I mainly worked with the crown, heart and keyblade shape to try and experiment with the structure of the composition. I quite liked drawing part of the character slightly out of the shape as it gave depth and an interesting perspective to the design. I didn't like the second design with the crown shape in which I designed the illustration with in the crown shape because it was exciting, it didn't attract the viewers attention well.

I then began to apply a few other initial layout designs to quick sketches of plain t-shirts as to see how the layout of the composition would look work if applied to the material. I quite liked the three initial designs that I had created, although two of the designs were quite similar with the structure and interaction of the heart shape that they were situated in. However the other design, which was not in a shape, worked quite well with in the t-shirt sketch. I generated ideas on how the main design could absorb the colour of the t-shirt as the background with the falling stars interacting with the environment and the main character standing upon the colour of the t-shirt as well as. I felt that creating more designs that make use of the colour of the t-shirt would work well with my compositions, and take influence from the designs that are popular on the Qwertee website.

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